Week 2- Audiences and marketing strategies

1-  What are the standard demographics within the media/marketing industry

  • Housewives-This isn’t necessarily women but the person who takes care of the bills and does to weekly shop.
  • Home-Home is almost targeting the family as a whole.The adverts could be for theme parks giving free entry to u10’s.
  • Men-Mens adverts will take place in between the half time of football and could be shaving products.
  • Women-Womens adverts will predominately be during women predominate shows like soap operas.
  • Children (1-15)
  • Adult (16-24)
  • Age
  • Race
  • Gender
  • Social Class

2-Define the following;

  • Reach is the number or the percentage of different homes/people that are exposed to the media and one given time, reach excludes duplication.
  • Frequency is the number of times there average household or person is exposed to the schedule among those people.It is Promotional program aimed at encouraging repeat sales by rewarding customers on buy frequently or on regular basis
  • Box Office calculates the amount of viewings and money taken at the cinema by ticket sales.
  • Circulation is the number of copies that are distributed for outdoor advertisement and refers to the number of people who are the chance to view and observe the billboards/posters
  • Sales figures is the overall sum of expenditures made by the consumers of the product.
  • Quantitive data is data which is written down in numerical form so for example box office data would count as quantitive data.
  • Qualitative data is which is the form written text, for example reviews would count for this.

3-How are the audiences of the following list measured

  • TV- Once a household has been selected to join the BARB panel, Kantar Media fits every TV set in the house with a meter. This software is also installed on laptop and desktop computers, and tablets for on demand and catch up programs being watched. In order for the meter to know who is watching, each member of the household over the age of four is assigned a button on a special remote control. If they enter a room while the television is on they must press their designated button to register their presence and press it again when they leave to show they are no longer watching.
  • Film-FAME (Film Audience Measurement & Evaluation) is the cinema industry’s key marketing tool for analysing film viewing and cinema going behaviour. Only those who have been to the cinema in the last 6 months, thus ensuring that all respondents have cinema and film experiences. With a sample size of 3,300 respondents aged 7+, FAME is able to provide in-depth insight into the behaviour of both adults and children. FAME also asks parents with children aged 4 – 6yrs about the cinema going and film consumption of their children, allowing for analysis of this audience also.
  • Magazines and Newspapers-When it comes to measuring the audience of magazines they get their information from a variety of outlets. For example Circulation figures, responses to the websites, letters to the editors and more. the size of the audience is measured by the sales figures and information from the New Zealand audit bureau of circulations and they do two audits a year for the magazine companies. Companies pay for information that comes from interview surveys taken by anyone over the age of 10 years old, the information tells the company about the lifestyle, age, gender, income etc. there information also comes with the amount of primary and secondary readers which are people who buy the magazine (primary) and people who read others copies (secondary)
  • Posters-Posters are measured with the footfall of the area that they are places, the footfall is the amount of people that walk through the area for example the footfall of London south bank is much higher than a road just outside of the centre this is why companies bombard the train stations and the underground with advertisements.
  • Social Media- In Facebook, you focus on three main areas: likes, comments and links on posts, and shares. If someone “likes” your page, you know they’re listening to you. When followers add comments to your posts, you’ve made the conversation two-way by engaging them. And when they share your posts with their Facebook friends, you’ve expanded your audience.

Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 21.46.55

When producers gain this information they can then plan ways they are going to advertise or show their tv show. For example  if TV show producers got information showing that 7+ year olds were watching TV up to 9pm they know they can place the show within that time slot.

From the graphic you can see what percentage of channels are getting the most views on a daily basis, this means that if ITV were to start a new programme which they have invested a lot of time and money into they would be more inclined into putting it on the main ITV channel rather than ITV2 because thats where the majority of their views are, this will give them the biggest return of the investment.

4-Choose a media product

  • For this task I chose FIFA 16 the video game. The game is produced EA (Electronic Arts) a gaming company who make makes like FIFA, Battlefield, PGA tour ect. EA sports  are responsible for all distribution of the game.
  • The branding of the product is done in many ways for the game. The biggest way they promote the game is by using footballs biggest stars from around the world like Lionel Messi, Alex Morgan and more.
  • With the marketing strategies EA do a lot of promotion with posters, TV adverts and online presence. You’ll find a poster for the game outside or near town centres to make the public start thinking about the product.  On TV the adverts usually run during the half time of football matches when the main target audience will be watching as the main target audience of the game is the 16-18 age range. 2/3 of the British  population are supporters of football. When it comes to the online advertisements EA have started to run a lot of online adverts especially with the rise of Youtube and their stars they could either run adverts on videos or get the Youtuber to promote the game to their audience.

With the people promotion the product it gives coverage to a wider audience which will boost the sales bringing in more money for the company. Footballers and Celebrities are given a lot of endorsements from EA, helping with spreading the word and the advertising. Seeing footballers and Celebrities playing the game creates the feeling of want over needing, because if you see your idol doing something whether is wearing an item of clothing of with a new piece of technology, you want to be like them and are likely to go out and get it.

My personal experience with FIFA started when i watched my older brother playing the game and as i looked up to him i wanted to play the same games and have the same consoles as him, this turns more into an investment into EA and FIFA as i now buy the game year in year out hands down without any persuading.


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Poster Analysis

The Breaking Bad Poster


The divide in the movie shown here on the poster with the Montagues and Capulets having a stand off.

The + conjoining Romeo and Juliet is another reference to the religious features in the movie

The orange colour used has a lot of meaning and relation to the movie itself,

Dark orange can mean distrust which relates to the way the families feel about Romeo and Juliet’s relationship.

Red Orange relates to sexual passion and desire, the desire of wanting to be together.

The Heart In the middle of the poster has rays coming off, this reminds me of religious paintings and statues signifying the power of love.


I think one of the key things that are highlighted about Romeo and Juliet is the hatred between the family and the true love story takes the back seat.

The green which plays a key part in the poster represents harmony . The kiss also shows the harmony between the love.

Gold also another colour which strongly features in the poster, which represents love and passion.

The candles behind look like the arrangement that would be done for a funeral, which is also another big feature in the movie.