Movie Soundtracks

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As one of my special features for the 20th anniversary re-release I am changing the soundtrack but movie soundtracks don’t only stay in the movie but are also released as an album. The important meaning of the soundtrack is to the viewer a greater experience not only visually. I think the reason that the movie soundtracks do well is because the audience can feel closer to the movie with each and individual track.


DVD Cover Research


Looking at these covers of anniversary movies they all are very similar to each other with the minor detail. All of the covers have the year of anniversary this is something that I should use within my re-release as it seems to be a popular approach. I like the way that the anniversary banners don’t overtake the design of the front cover so for my front cover I think it would be better to have mine along the top.

Music Research

After looking at when the original movie was released, I found out that it was during the rise of the of MTV and teen culture I thought I should look into current trends and cultures that would be helpful when I remaster the movie.

I thought the best thing to start looking at was the charts and sales figures in 2014-2015, I think that is important to look at this as many movie soundtracks do get released as an album itself and looking at figures for both physical or digital copies so I know where is best to distribute it.

I started by looking at what songs where sitting in the top 5 of the charts on the week of 22/11/15. From the charts you can see that pop is the dominant genre and this is something I can use in my remaster.

 BBC UK Top 40  Artist  Song  Genre
 1  Justin Bieber  Sorry  Pop
 2  Adele  Hello  Pop
 3  Justin Bieber  Love Yourself  Pop
 4  Fleur East  Sax  Pop
 5  Justin Bieber  What Do You Mean  Pop
 iTunes  Artist  Song  Genre
 1  Justin Bieber  Sorry  Pop
 2  Justin Bieber  Love Yourself Pop
 3  Adele  Hello  Pop
 4  Fleur East  Sax  Pop
 5  Nathan Sykes  Over and Over Again  Pop

Here I decided to see what was the most voted genre in a hope of finding out what the most popular genre is, there was a total of 58,751 votes on the and and I chose to look at the top 5.

 Popular Music Genre List  Genre  Percentage  Votes
 1  Rock  17% 9,742
 2  Alternative  13%  7,621
 3  Pop  12%  6,887
 4  Hip Hop  11%  6,435
 5  Electronic  8%  4,515

In this table I looked at what songs have been played the most on Spotify throughout 2015.

 1  Rhianna-FourFive Seconds  Pop 15,698,407
 2  Mark Ronson-

Uptown Funk

 Pop 14,102,908
 3  Maroon 5-


 Pop 13,080,140
 4  Ed Sheeran-

Thinking Out Loud

 Pop  11,110,988
 5  Ellie Goulding-Love Me Like You Do Pop 10,994,715

And here I looked at the reverse of Spotify and looked at what was the most bought song in 2015- so far.

 OFFICIAL CHARTS-TOP SONGS OF 2015  Artist  Song  Genre
 1  Mark Ronson  Uptown funk  Pop
 2  OMI  Cheerleader  Pop
 3  Hoizer  Take me to church Alternative
 4  Ellie Goulding  Love me like you do  Pop
 5  Wiz Khalifa  See you again  Hip Hop

After looking at the following quantitative you can clearly see that pop music is the top selling and listened to music, I can now use this and base the soundtrack around the pop music genre which will gain more listeners.

As in 1996 music on TV was the big new thing and now I’m more recent times people are using music streaming sites to access their music, I decide to look further into weather people stream more than they buy to see what avenue would be more beneficial.

This graph shows the growth in the music streaming world with Spotify, the graph specifically looks and the growth of paying customers for the last 5 years. Spotify’s subscriber list has grown by 19.5 million people in only 5 years for the price of £9.99 a month, its understandable why people would go and join Spotify as the 1 month subscription is the price of 1 album compared to having countless albums.

Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 14.34.44

This graph here shows how many people overall use the streaming service both paying and non paying users and the way that the company has grown I can only see it growing and growing. After looking at the figures I think that there could easily be at least 100 million people using Spotify by the end of 2015.

Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 14.46.14





Nellee Hooper Research

As part of my special features of Romeo and Juliet (1996) I wanted to look into ways that I could re-modernise the movie and have a personal connection to me too, a way of me leaving my mark on the movie. After the movie ‘The Drive’ recently had the soundtrack remastered by BBC Radio 1 and a star studded line up of artists featuring the likes of The 1975, Bastille and Chvrches.  This gave me the idea into looking at more detail of the Romeo and Juliet soundtrack, the music for the movie was done by Nallee Hooper, a British producer who has produced 6 Grammy award winning albums.

For Hooper this was his first and only  piece of motion picture work that he has done and it could be seen as a success after it won a BAFTA award for the best soundtrack. The movie itself came out during the rise of MTV and teen culture with the continuous bright and vibrant colours on display from the start. The soundtrack was put together fantastically with an array of genres on display for example the combination of rock and soulful music from the likes of Garbage, Radiohead and Des’ree. I think that Hooper had a great understanding of the teenage audience and with his background of hip-hop and electronic music, he fitted the bill perfectly.


DVD and Blu-Ray Covers

The one thing that all of these covers have in common is that they all contain Romeo and Juliet on the front cover. All of the covers have a strong colour blue and green over the majority of them. These represent trust, power and also greed and jealousy.

I like the way that the majority of the covers have Romeo and Juliet together showing that the film is a love story and not a action movie.



Romeo + Juliet 1996 Remastered

Romeo and Juliet (1996) Remastered from Bryan Rocknean on Vimeo.

As part of out re release we were told to think about the different things we could add to the original as a special feature, I decided to remaster the soundtrack of the movie to add more emotional features to the scene. To do this I downloaded the movie and took it into a free movie editor app from the apple app store. Once I took the video into the app I had to decide on what scene I would choose, I went for the scene where Romeo found out the news of Juliet’s death. I chose this scene because its key to the story and the ending. The song that I chose when I was doing the scene was Robbers by The 1975, The song is a love song about an unhealthy relationship. They are too focused on each other and don’t notice the destruction they cause each other. The title Robbers is because they’re are both robbing each other of happiness, these elements relate to the movie scene as even thought Romeo and Juliet love each other, the hate from their families is causing destruction to themselves.

Once I took the scene into the video editor I cut the scene down to a 5 minute clip to make it easier to work with. I had to watch the scene through thoroughly the make sure that I was happy where I would be placing the song with the timing of the movie. After id chosen where it would go it was a case of ‘spliting’ the audio track into more segment and either lowering or raising the audio.

There are some key points in the scene that I love, one being near the beginning when the music starts to kick in and Romeo drops to his knees and proceeds to scream out Juliet after finding out the bad news. I love the way that you can hear him screaming over the music. The other piece I like is the near the end when the police find out that Romeo is going back to Verona Beach, you can see the panic on their faces but with the music being the predominant feature you can’t hear what they are saying, I done this to create tension building up to the final scenes.