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Press Release Form: Marvel Studios 


Contact:                                                                           Date:20/9/15

Phone: 07543 847391

Avengers Age of Ultron

‘The Avengers Age of Ultron’ is the next big thing coming out of Marvel Universe,bringing you the second part of the biggest sequel in all of superhero movies.

The movie has a star filled cast coming to your screen this summer including the likes of Robert Downey Junior playing Iron Man,Chris Evans playing Captain American and Thor being played by Chris Hemsworth. On the 1st of May 2015 you will get the chance to experience all of your favourite superheroes in one place.

Audiences will once again be giving a fantastic gripping story packed with action throughout, as Joss Whedon returns to the directors seat bringing along Kevin Fiege as the producer.

For more information on the movie, please contact Bryan on 07543 847391 or go over to 


Public Relations

What is public relations? it is “the professional maintenance of a favourable public image by a company or other organization or a famous person”.

Every business or corporation will need public relation techniques in order to be successful, some companies may hire someone to be in control in the overseeing public relation business for example a public relations officer. This is also need in non profit companies like housing associations and charities, Charities will look to get their name out and spread the word of their organisation and the mission they are setting out to achieve. The same technique is also used by profitable companies like movie producers but the difference is the intention to make money.  The way the that public relations can effect this is the way that the company conduct themselves,within movies companies this could be the way that the actors are portrayed in the public and what they do in the in their personal life a this can all have an effect of the company. For example Miley Cyrus ruined her ‘Disney’ image after she left Disney and companies that would get the negative effects of this had the public relation team reassure the public they were no longer involved with the individual.

PR’s have to make sure they are up to date on all of the current trends whether that be in fashion or technology in order of running a successful campaign, doing this they can meet the demands of the target audience, for example when instagram first became a hit PR representatives would encourage their client to jump onto the social media platform to meet the needs of the fans.  PR’s have to make sure they have excellent communicational skills as that is one of the fundamental skills needed for this job, both when communicating with the public in a press release or press conferences, but also when communicating with the client as if they are not confident about the idea it could come across as not important fundamentally if they chose not to follow your idea it could leave them behind the competition.

Overall Public relation is a key part of a any business in today’s world as perception and opinion can change in a matter of days, its important to have someone overseeing the public image of the client.

Harvard Referencing

The Harvard referencing is the most common way to reference your work and make sure that you aren’t copying someone else’s.According to Staffordshire,(2013),Harvard referencing quick guide, Staffordshire University You have to reference your work to make sure  that your work is protected from plagiarism as plagiarism is a serious academic crime which could have your PhD taken from you and if you are still studying and plagiarise you will be kicked off your course. It also means that if someone was reading your work and wanted to find the same work that you was using they could go and find it.

There are two types of the Harvard  referencing system the first being citation which you do whilst writing up your essay, for example this direct citation, “Boatright (2006) argues that there are six questions that need consideration, before making a decision on whether to blow the whistle in a case.” This example is known as a Direct citation and is where the authors name forms as part of of your sentence.  An in-Direct citation is when you don’t mention the author’s name with the text that you have produced and you should then place the authors name and year that the work was published at the end of your sentence.

When Referencing online you still have to reference your research but it is done in a different way, when doing an intent citation it should look like this:


King P (2011) drew parallels between the debut seasons of Cam Newton and Peyton Manning In December 2007 Mervyn King strongly denied criticising the treasury for the way it had handled the Northern Rock Crisis (BBC, 2011).

but if you don’t reference your in your work like a citation you have to do at the end of you work like this.

King, P. (2011) Monday Morning QB: October 24 2011. Available at: peter_king/10/24/Week7/index.html?sct=nfl_ wr_a1 (Accessed: 25 October 2011)

BBC News. (2007) King denies criticising Treasury. Available at: stm (Accessed: 25 October 2011).

University of Manchester, (2015), Referencing guide at the university of Manchester: Harvard,, 08/10/15

What is plagiarism? according to,(2014),What is plagiarism?,,08/10/15

My stay at South Essex college, so far

I started at South Essex College back in 2014, I joined the course one morning after dropping out of prospects college earlier that year. I was studying sport and my heart wasn’t into that anymore and I knew that i had to leave and do something that i would enjoy and make a career out of.

Once I left my course I started to write my own online sports blog and i started to gain more of an interest into writing content and enjoyed have people reading my work, one morning i woke up and decided to look on the South Essex College website to see if they had any courses within journalism. I came across the print based media course and loved the fact I would be trying all new things not only journalism but graphic design and photography.

I have learn a lot over my first year not only academic skills but also social, when i started at the college I was very shy and wouldn’t normally venture out of my comfort zone. I’ve become more confident in my work and as a person, I find it easier when work in groups now which is an essential part of the industry that i would like to work in. The industry that i want to go into is photography and doing the album artwork project last year helped me improve my current skills and gain new ones.

Over the last year I have gained a lot of skills in various areas like photography, journalistic writing and graphic design skills. Within photography i learnt about apertures, shutter speeds and the importance of composition.

My favourite project last year was the album artwork project where we worked for a fiction band and made the front and back covers along with the booklet to go inside.  I learnt a lot from doing the vox pops that we done last year going out on the the high street questioning members of the public, i learnt about how you should approach people and what types of questions you can use to get the right answer from them.  When it comes to graphic design i think thats the area  where I’ve learnt the most because i didn’t know much about it to start especially the poster and flyer creating, but know if i was given a task/brief to complete i could get it done with ease.