At the beginning of the project I wasn’t too excited for the idea of the re-release and all of the marketing side of the project but once we started to do the research I started to get into it. The movie I chose was Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo and Juliet, I originally chose the movie for the photography aspects of the movie but I soon become attached to the whole movie and what it stood for.

I started by researching the director Baz Luhrmann and his past which was really interesting, I began to see why he done certain things within his movies, you can see that he is very influenced by his childhood. It was at this stage when I knew I had to keep these aspects in place when we did the re-release of the film.

I began by starting by looking at tackling the posters first, My go to process was the double exposure technique which was shown to us by Dan, this gave me the idea of using the bright lights of Verona within a portrait rather than filling a page with colour. I started by experimenting with the double exposure on Romeo which then lead to the idea of having individual poster as well as a joint one. I decided to keep the double exposure theme running through from posters to the DVD covers and for my Romeo poster I went down to the arcades to take a picture of the neon lights to put within the portrait.  For my DVD covers I decided to keep the same as the posters so it would be more recognisable by fans, keeping the same material for the product creates the familiarity so we become more recognisable.

After I had my posters and covers I turned my focus to the company and what our logo would be, after researching it was clear to keep the logo simple,clean and clear. Coming up with the actual company name was what I found hardest but again I kept it simple and thought about my personal characteristics rather than just going with my name, Im known for always wearing my Blackhoodie so the idea for Blackhoodie productions was born. After coming up with the name for the production company the logo design was made simple, just a black hoodie. The logo is unique and although being a bit strange it is what it says.

An Additional part of my movie re release was for the soundtrack to be remastered, I took inspiration for this from BBC Radio1 when they remastered The Drive and edited a scene from the movie. I researched the movies current soundtrack and looked at the choices behind the song that were chosen. 1996 was the rise of the MTV culture and you can see it with Luhrmann’s choice of costumes and mixture of pop and classical music. The music was done by Nellee Hooper who actually received 6 Grammys for the albums he has produced, I wanted to look at what genres are popular now so I looked across a number of platforms like iTunes, Spotify and the UK charts. This gave a clear indicator that Pop/Alternative music is the most popular and would appeal to my target audience.

After comparing two EPK’s I wanted to make sure I got the right balance of the both but when I was looking at the two there was only one clear favourite and that was the High School Musical 2 EPK. This is because they included a lot of market research and showed how there film has/will reach people.  The main selling point of my movie was the new remastered soundtrack and after doing target audience research I found out that a lot of people were excited for this aspect of the movie to come out.

When it came to presenting my EPK I struggled and ended up rushing the whole thing so I could just sit down again but in the process I messed up my chance to get a better grade. When I stood up my mind went blank and I didn’t know what to say. I should have had note prepared for the presentation to talk through everything in depth like I had planned to.

Overall although I was forever dreading the presentation I did enjoy the project and the tasks that we completed, I think I have learnt a lot from this project both with design work and theory based with the likes of semiotics and it importance to photography. If I was to do this again I would make sure that I was more prepared for the presentation so I could go into depth about all of the work I had produced.


Poster Drawing Challenge 

This is the poster drawing challenge that I made for the film the movie The Godfather.

For the challenge you were only allowed to use one shape when drawing the poster and as I’m not a good drawer I thought of the easiest poster I could make and that was the Godfather. I used the 2 lines to make it look like a tuxedo and used my only shape to do the rose. 

The reason I didn’t choose to do a Romeo and Juliet poster was because I didn’t think I could possibly do something related to the movie with only 1 shape. 

Minimalist Poster

This is my minimalist posters that I made, This is a way to sum up the key elements of the movie in the least way possible.

The first one is fro the movie “Prisoners” the make this I just made bars which look like jail bars.

The second one is for “Paul Blart-Mall Cop” in the movie the main character always uses a Segway. This design was the easiest to do and thats why its not the best of them.

The last one was for “Miracle on 34th Street” because the movie is a christmas movie I could have done a santa hat but I think that would be too general to all christmas movies. So for my poster I decided to make a New York street sign which relates it to the movie.

Poster Design

Poster Idea 1.jpg

This was my original poster design but the reason I didn’t chose this was because they are both separate and the movie is about being together. The other reason behind not choosing this image as the image for Romeo is because the image is lower res than my final one which is more accommodating to stretching on posters or the DVD cover.

The Romeo image also give the wrong perception to the movie which could put fans of watching or even buying the movie.

CD Soundtrack


For my movie the big new change to it is the new updated soundtrack and I want to also release the soundtrack as an album . For my CD disc I wanted it to be “minimalistic”just have the title on the it as the disc isn’t the most viewed piece of the CD. The cover was just the same as the DVD as fans can then identify them easily when out shopping. When I was designing I didn’t know where to put the track list so I tried the both of the layouts, The reason I chose the 2nd layout is because it is more centralised like the barcode making it more appealing to the eye.


DVD Covers


For my Blu Ray cover I wanted them to be the same as the posters, I thought that the separate posters could make the DVD’s into special editions and the joint poster would be the standard edition. When I done research for anniversary edition DVD’s all of the anniversary banners were at the top but because I have the title at the top I decided to have mine at the bottom of the case.

My favourite cover isn the Romeo edition because I created the image on my own with the arcade lights, I think it just add the personal touch to it .